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With more than 30 courses to choose from including One Night Workshops, the Ministers' Seminar and the all new Christian Educators' Seminar, there's something at the Annual Session just for you!

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Featured Courses

All New for 2018:  Christian Educators’ Seminar
 Rev. A. Michael Black, Coordinator, Course #906.4
Monday through Friday 6:30 pm

The purpose of the Christian Educators’ Seminar is to inform, inspire, educate and edify Christian Education Directors and leaders as they strive to equip and make disciples for Christ.
Monday, May 7:  “How’s Your Christian Education Ministry Working for You? Creating and Implementing Assessments for Christian Education Ministry” Rev. Esther Gordon
Tuesday, May 8:  “Strategic Planning for an Effective Christian Education Ministry” Rev. Geraldine Tompkins
Wednesday, May 9:  “Curriculum 101: Strategies for Review, Adaptation, Development and Evaluation” Bishop Robert White
Thursday, May 10:   “Wanted! A Few Committed Men and Women: Recruiting, Training and Mentoring CE Teachers and Staff” – Min. Marteal Pitts
Friday, May 11:  “Making Your Christian Education Programs Safe Havens for Children and Youth: Developing and Promoting Child Safety Policies and Procedures” Instructor TBA 

Tue, Wed and Thu
6:30 pm

Monday through Friday
6:30 pm

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